Microsoft Tag Version 1.0

Since we’ve been following Microsoft Tag, many readers have questioned when the Tag will be out of its “beta” phase. Well, it looks like that day has come. Microsoft announced today that its Tag is no longer in the beta stage and is now in Version 1.0. Since the Tag’s launch about a year and a half ago, over one billion have been printed by businesses throughout the world.

With the new version of the Tag comes a lot of exciting new features, including:

  • Improved Reader clients
  • Customized content capabilities for a more personalized customer experience, based on Tags previously scanned.
  • New .tag file for easy printing of multiple different Tags for large-scale campaigns
  • Localization in five new languages: Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian and Simplified Chinese
  • A new Heat Map feature in the Campaign Manager that will help companies better measure Tag usage by location.
  • A new logo and website design

For most businesses that have been using and following Microsoft Tag, the biggest question remains: Now that Microsoft Tag is out of Beta mode, will it remain free? As of now, the Tag is still free to use, but Microsoft does state, “Microsoft may elect to start charging for future or additional value-added features or services related to Tag.” So, while the Tag is free for now, I imagine Microsoft will begin to offer (and charge) for more tracking capabilities to give businesses a higher visibility into consumer behavior. Thoughts?

Either way, its definitely clear that Microsoft Tag has gained a lot of users, but I’m still wondering if their usage will surpass that of QR codes.