Microsoft Tag Used by Realty Executives International

In the past, we’ve discussed how QR codes, such as Clikbrix, are making a major impact on the real estate industry. Recently, Realty Executives International announced the launch of its newest marketing-technology program, which uses Microsoft Tags to offer home buyers and sellers the latest in real estate experiences.

According to their studies, approximately 93% of prospective homebuyers use the internet to search for real estate, so it makes sense to keep buyers connected throughout the home-buying process. The Microsoft Tags will be incorporated into marketing materials such as property signs, print advertisements, and brochures. Once scanned, the tags can take consumers on a virtual tour of specific properties, rather than having to wait and see each one in person.

While it seems like more and more real estate companies are implementing QR code (or other 2D barcode) campaigns, I have yet to actually see any in person. If you’ve seen them on your house hunt, did you use them? Were the barcodes able to facilitate your house search? Were you buying, or renting?

So far, it seems as if the realty companies are only using the codes for buyers, but I think they would be equally effective, if not more effective for renters. If the house was a share, you could even post video bios about the roommates that currently live there, or link to their social networking pages.

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