Microsoft Tag Reader for Google Android Available

Recently, Microsoft Tag has been gaining a lot of popularity across a wide variety of marketing campaigns. While more and more companies are starting to adopt Microsoft Tag, there’s still people out there you want the reader, but their phone does not support it. While Micrsoft Tag is already working with most major mobile platforms, they continue to develop further.

With this continued development, the Microsoft Tag Reader is now available for Google Android. The Reader can be downloaded directly from the Android Market, or by simply searching for Microsoft Tag.

As more and more phone platforms offer the reader, I think that Microsoft Tag will become more and more prevalent, particularly in the US. There is definitely a need among businesses to find creative ways to link the real world to the web, and Microsoft Tag offers an easy-to-use solution for both businesses and consumers.

See how businesses are using Microsoft Tag here.

If you’ve seen Microsoft Tag, let us know how it was used… it seems like more and more people are using them, do you think they will surpass QR Codes and or JAGTAG?