Microsoft Tag: Now Supporting QR Codes & NFC

Microsoft Tag now supports QR codes and NFC!

Microsoft Tag announced some big news today. Rather than sticking solely to its proprietary Tag format, Microsoft is supporting both standard QR codes and NFC.

But why the change? Despite adamantly supporting their proprietary code and reader over the past 18 months, Microsoft finally gave in to consumer demand. Although QR code scanning is increasing, the codes are still lagging behind usage in Japan. Even America’s college students, typically a tech-savvy demographic, do not scan QR codes. Frankly, consumers are confused. With so many proprietary 2D barcodes and 2D barcode readers on the market, its confusing which one should be used and when.

Microsoft’s move to support traditional QR codes and NFC, in addition to their Tag, was a smart one. They realized the confusion among consumers, extended their offering, and stated, “With this extension, brands have the freedom to choose the format most appropriate for their campaigns and give consumers the ease of one reader to use.”

So, instead of the Microsoft app only reading Microsoft Tags, it will also be able to read QR codes and NFC tags. And while NFC technology is still emerging in the US due to the limited amount of NFC-enabled phones on the market, Microsoft’s decision to support it was definitely forward-thinking.

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