Microsoft Custom Tags

Earlier, we wrote about Microsoft Tags as an alternative to QR codes. Now, Microsoft has recently announced that users of the Microsoft Tag will be offered advanced customization options. Now, branding and design can be incorporated directly into the barcode, making the Microsoft Tag the ideal platform for marketing materials, packaging, posters, business cards, or any time a unique design is wanted. In contrast, most 2D barcodes, or QR codes, are black and white and often don’t fit the look and feel of the marketing message.

In order to create a custom Microsoft Tag, users simply log on to and save their Tag graphic file using the Custom Tag option, and then bring the file into Powerpoint (for beginning users), or anther design program such as Photoshop (for more advanced users) to create a customized version of the tag. With Microsoft Tag, users can:

  • Easily create custom Tags in seconds
  • Verify custom Tags for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60
  • Preserve the original symbol integrity, maximizing readability

Below are some examples of exactly how personalized Custom Tags can get!

Microsoft Custom Tag

Learn more about Microsoft Custom Tags here.