Merchandise Visibility

It seems that more and more retail companies have begun experimenting with RFID technology to improve their merchandise visibility. American Apparel recently made the switch and experienced impressive results.

Now-a-days, labels attached to products are much more than a simple price tag or brand, apparel labels also contain information that allows garments to move across the world, allowing the labels to act as a source for both branding, identification and protection. Protection is always a concern, but ever increasing as retail thefts continue to rise due to a down economy.

However, the down economy effects more than just theft. Retailers are now fighting over a shrinking consumer base and the tightening of the credit markets means that retailers can no longer afford to over-stock and sell all of what is on the shelves. For these reasons, merchandise visibility is crucial.

Merchandise visibility allows retailers to know their exact inventory situation at any given time, allowing them to guarantee that popular items are always in stock. With more and more RFID solutions rapidly being developed, retailers can track and trace every product throughout the supply chain, in addition to the store environment, all in real-time. For more information on RFID retail solutions, learn more here.