Meet Zebra Technologies’ New ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

The all new ZT600 Series from Zebra Technologies builds on the success and capabilities of their XiTM Series printers. These thermal printers were designed for years of constant work. They offer color-illuminated ribbon paths that make setup and re-threading hassle free, and their onboard sensors and guided instructions decrease the need to contact any technical support.

Industrial Printers

The ZT600 Series offers industrial printer options. These industrial printers are manufactured to withstand rugged environments and ever-changing challenges. Specifically, the ZT610 boasts an all metal construction with a 24/7 reliability in the harshest climates.

ZT610 Industrial Printer Performance Statistics:

  • Maximum print speed of up to 14’’ / 356 mm per second.
  • Print width of4.09’’ / 104mm
  • Optional print resolution of 600 dpi micro consistent printing
  • Color, graphical LCD, and status icon user interface

The ZT600 industrial printers fit best in the transportation, retail and manufacturing industries, but their stats and rugged construction makes them suitable for any job. Learn more about the ZT610 and ZT620.

RFID Printing Options

Zebra’s new ZT600 printer series also offers RFID options. Both the ZT610 and ZT620 RFID models are designed to reduce user errors and any need for complex placement guides. Both of these models are able to efficiently print and encode labels that fit the parameters of the most widely used and advanced item-level tracking applications. Additionally, these printers are designed to lower costs. By placing tags incredibility close together, each use produces more tags with less material. Overall, this reduces the cost per label and requires fewer media roll changes. See more about the all new ZT600 RFID series printers.

Zebra ZT600 Series