MeePass Uses 2D Barcodes to Create All-in-one Mobile Purchasing Solution

MeePassMeePass, which was recently developed by MTag, is a revolutionary mobile identification solution that allows end-users to instantly create a unique, secure, ID tag in the form of a 2D barcode that can be scanned and used for payment transaction, loyalty programs, ticketing, and couponing. Best of all, MeePas doesn’t use a connection, so there’s no NFC, or SMS, MMS, and WAP connection costs.

Basically, MeePass users will enter a secret pass code, generate their own personal barcode in real time, have it scanned by a POS scanner, and then authorization will occur via request to the MeePas server, which will then approve or reject the ID tag. From there, users can choose which “pass” to use; ticketing, couponing, loyalty cards, or payment.

As far as security is concerned, MeePass is non-intrusive and uses private/public encrypted RSA key 1024 bit technology, provides time stamps that determine the duration of the validity of the MeePass, and allows users to register a private code for access.

Over the past few years, the simple cell phone has jumped leaps and bounds into becoming an all-in-one source for calls, business, and entertainment, so it’s no surprise that companies are developing products to further this trend. With software such as MeePass, users will eventually be able to only carry their cell phones—leaving credit cards, loyalty cards, tickets, coupons, and maybe even ID’s behind! While I’m not sure how long it will take MeePass or similar software to penetrate the US market, which is behind on the general 2D barcode trend that’s sweeping the world, I think it will eventually catch on, allowing mobile phones to become the ultimate all-in-one accessory.