Medtronic Keeps Pace With Intermec PX4i

intermec px4iMedtronic, a manufacturer of implantable pacemakers, needed to find a solution that could quickly and cost-effectively support quality and control assembly of battery packs, capacitors and power supplies, all of which are built separately and then integrated into the final product. Basically, Medtronic needed a way to create a serialized label at the point of work in real-time and on-demand that could operate in a clean room environment.

Through one of their business contacts, Medtronic discovered an Intermec Smart Printing barcode labeling solution hosted on Intermec PX4i printers that could generate labels n demand while production line workers assembled the units.

By using an Intermec Smart Printing solution, the need for a host PC and its associated costs are eliminated. Instead, user-defined applications written in Intermec Fingerprint programming language can run stand-alone, directly in the printer. Since Intermec Smart Printers also interface directly with scanners and other equipment, Medtronic was able to have a simple solution that was easy to maintain in a clean-room environment.

Shortly after employing the Intermec based solution, Medtronic was able to:

  • Reduce risk for errors due to mislabeling since labels are generated at the point of work.
  • Improve workflow and save time by eliminating unnecessary trips to generate print commands and pick up labels.
  • Reduce continued IT spending since no additional PC maintenance and support resources are needed.

Since implementing this solution, Medtronic has become more operationally efficient. Now, production line workers simply ask the printer to generate the amount of barcode labels that correspond to the amount of units being developed.

This smart printing solution not only saved Medtronic money, but it also allows for more pacemakers to be produced and thus, more lives to be saved.