McNeilus Steel Becomes More Efficient with ADC

McNeilus Steel, one of the largest steel suppliers in the Midwest, needed to upgrade their warehouse processes to improve order accuracy inventory visibility. More specifically, customers began wanting more accurate proof of pull and ship, documentation that includes the chemical composition of the steel based on test reports from the mill. After searching for the answer, McNeilus discovered Barcoding Inc., a Solutions Integrator with expertise in providing complete automated data collection solutions.

In order to meet McNeilus’ needs, Barcoding Inc. decided on a solution that would integrate barcode technology with pre-existing IT infrastructure and warehouse processes by using the Zebra Z4M and QL320 thermal/thermal transfer printers in conjunction with the right mobile computers and software. After researching the environment, Barcoding Inc. recommended the Motorola MC9090 and MC9090k mobile computers because of their enhanced ergonomics, large screen and streamlined keyboard. In addition, McNeilus’ pre-existing software from Paragon Consulting was modified with the help of Barcoding Inc. in order to accommodate the new tools.

With their new upgraded system, McNeilus workers now receive advance ship notices from suppliers that include mill test certificates for each SKU, and items cannot be received without the document. From there, the data is used to receive the product, which is then marked with a barcode label printed from the Zebra Z4M printer, and then put away in pre-assigned location. Sales staff can also use the data to locate inventory in real time, allowing them to be confident that their items will still be there when it’s time to be picked.

When it comes to items being picked, picks are printed out on pick tickets, which Pickers take to the location and scan the order number, location and picked item. Since many stell products are cumbersome, pickers used to have to move one product out of the way to reach another, but now, rather than searching, workers can use their Motorola MC9090 to update the location in the database so that the item can be easily located for future orders. With over 50 mobile terminals and printer combinations, Barcoding Inc. also implemented Cloudsync mobile device management, a software tool that allows McNeilus to track the location, health and performance of all terminals and printers on the netowork in order to better monitor their devices.

In addition, Barcoding Inc. also helped McNeilus add a shipment verification step to their process before trucks leave for deliveries, making orders much more likely to go out correct and complete the first time.

Once everything was installed and running, McNeilus was able to achieve its goals:

  • Order accuracy increased at least 2%.
  • Productivity rose through more efficient processes.
  • Order fulfillment rates increased.
  • Customer satisfaction improved.
  • Credits issued for mis-shipments decreased.

Interested in how McNeilus upgraded their processes? Take a look at the full case study here.