MC55: The New Rugged Enterprise Digital Assistant from Motorola

Motorola MC55The MC55 is Motorola’s newest rugged EDA (Enterprise Digital Assistant), and claims to be the smallest, lightest, fully ruggedized EDA on the market. This smartphone includes a two-way radio, barcode scanner, digital camera, and mobile computer that are all easy to use and convenient to carry. In addition, the new Motorola MC55 features:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • 802.11a/b/g WLAN
  • WPAN- Bluetooth 2.0
  • High-quality speakerphone, microphone, and transducer
  • Multiple voice modes
  • Multiple data-capture modes
  • 3.5” color display
  • Mobility Platform Architecture
  • IEEE 1725 Compliance
  • Multiple keyboard options
  • MicroSD slot
  • 128MB RAM
  • 2.5G WWAN

The sleek yet rugged design is the perfect pocket-sized solution for both inside and outside the four walls. The MC55 is offered in a couple of forms in order to accommodate to a variety of different types of mobile workers. For example, the MC5590 is ideal for healthcare workers and retail applications because of its wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity for modems and printers. In contrast, the MC5574 is primarily for workers outside the four walls because of its WWAN capabilities.

If you’re considering upgrading your current Enterprise Digital Assistant, the Motorola MC55 seems like a smart choice that can be used by workers both in and outside the four walls. You can find information on purchasing the Motorola MC55 here.