Maximize ROI with RFID

RFID ROIEvery company seems to have an existing procedure for how assets move through their supply chain, but when they look at data about their processes, it usually doesn’t match their perceptions.

RFID technology can provide visibility into that unknown, and many companies have implemented it to solve problems in enterprise asset management, fundamentally altering and improving their business processes. Corporate executives are using RFID to reduce costs and drive profits to the bottom line. Ultimately, companies are finding a positive return on their investment to implement RFID technology.

RFID Technology improves company’s business processes, allowing companies to see every step in their supply chain and analyze it in order to maximize their effectiveness and improve.

Today, barcodes and barcode readers are often used for inventory tracking purposes, but they are not always feasible in critical processes because they can be prone to errors due to tag reading issues. Passive RFID, on the other hand, is a great alternative in asset management applications because of its speed, accuracy, and automation. They can be assigned to either an individual asset or a location and are ideal for rugged environments and situations where barcodes are difficult to access for scanning.

Intermec, a pioneer in RFID technology, has helped many organizations understand their RFID needs and realizing all of the opportunities available after designing and implementing a successful system. Intermec has developed, manufactured, and integrated technologies that identify, track, and manage every aspect of supply chain assets.

Although upfront costs of implementing RFID can seem high, in the end, RFID technology provides a more efficient way to work throughout the entire supply chain, in addition to presenting a more in-depth look at data and statistics within your organization.

If your organization is interested in implementing RFID technology, you can find more information about getting started here.