Maxicode Barcode

maxicode barcode The Maxicode is a 2D barcode symbology that is used by the United Parcel Service on packing slips for international addressing and package sorting. Maxicode barcodes are made up of dots arranged in hexagonal grid around a unique bullseye pattern in the center. Maxicode barcodes are a fixed size of 1.11 x 1.054 inches and allow up to 93 characters of data to be stored. The also boast error correction, so the barcode can still be read when damaged.

Each Maxicode barcode is embedded with two basic messages; a primary and a secondary. The primary message includes the postal code, country code, and the class, while the secondary message holds the address data.

To read a Maxicode barcode, a 2D barcode scanner is needed, preferably one that performs keyboard emulation and receives power from a USB port so that no external power supply is needed.