Market Activity Tracker (MAT)

Market Activity TrackerMarket Activity Tracker, or MAT, is a software program from CaptureSoft that can be installed on mobile computers and allows wholesalers, distributors, and service companies to track information in the field. At the end of the day, the data collected is simply uploaded to the main network in order to generate reports back at the office. The following tools included with MAT enable Field Personnel to:

Account Manager: View and edit account information, which is ultimately synchronized by MAT Manager to eliminate additional data entry.

Message Center: Receive messages from management.

Scheduler:Assign specific times to each of their accounts.

MAT Activity: Complete tasks for each of their assigned accounts.

Work Order: Create work orders on the go.

Task Manager: View and assign tasks to accounts and create new tasks.

POS Manager: Complete POS Deliveries and requests.

Order Entry Manager:Conduct inventories and complete orders for individual accounts via route cards, manual entry of package codes, or a quick order entry system.

Price Survey:Complete price surveys for specific brands and packages by account.

Distribution Survey: Complete distribution surveys by account for specific brands.

Promotion Sheet: View Sales Promotions by date.

Sign Request: Order signs and enter copy for individual retailers.

Calculator: Access a calculator from within MAT.

MAT also benefits office personnel, allowing them to:

Messages and Alerts: Create, assign, and send timely information to individuals or groups.

Scheduler: View schedules of Field Pernsonnel.

Team Manager: Assign Field Personnel to teams, identify leaders, and adjust the amount of workers.

Task Manager: Manage and assign specific tasks to individuals and or teams.

Marketing Plan: View and manage promotional events.

POS Manager: Track and maintain accurate information for POS merchandise.

Order Entry Edit: View orders by salesman and add, edit, or delete orders.

Administrator: Enter and maintain accurate information for each member in the organization.

Reports: Generate reports for each tool found within MAT Mobile.

In order to keep everything up to date, the Sync Manager allows the MAT Manager to perform smart synchronizations with MAT Mobile using Batch, Wi-Fi, or Wireless connection options. The MAT Manager requires Microsoft SQL Server, providing secure and reliable data storage.

In order to successfully run MAT Mobile, a handheld device running PocketPC 2003 or higher is recommended, in conjunction with ruggedized devices from:

  • Symbol
  • Datalogic
  • Intermec
  • LXE

For more information on MAT and the devices needed to run it, learn more here.