Manufacturers Increasingly Concerned About Iot Security

As the Internet of Things (IoT) takes over people’s homes and their entire lives, data security and privacy are at the top of many manufacturers’ list of concerns. Some of the ways that IoT can go horribly wrong have been making their way to the headlines lately, from NEST thermostats leaking users’ data to the hacking of baby monitors.

The U.S. government’s National Intelligence Assessment announced last month that the Internet of Things and cyber security were the two greatest security concerns. While the manufacturers of smart devices have always paid attention to IoT security, the pressure has never been higher to get it right. It’s not just concern about stealing people’s data; these devices open up a whole world of possibility for people with bad intentions to gain control of things like a person’s car or pacemaker. The damage that could be caused in these situations is tremendous.

Not Enough Experts To Help

One obstacle to achieving the level of security people want to see is the shortage of individuals who have information security expertise and the sheer complexity of the issue. In fact, a study by TEKsystems revealed that the most difficult skill set for companies to find is information security experts.

Companies can minimize risks by making a point of building security into these products from the very beginning rather than treating it as an afterthought to be addressed later in the process. It should be part of the initial design and not something that is treated with patches and virus control after the fact. They also need to monitor connected devices throughout their existence and be sure to offer security patches when risks are uncovered.

Companies will need to invest quite a bit of money and resources in the issue of IoT security, but it is essential to do so in order to gain and keep consumer trust.