Manor, TX Gets QR Coded

QR Codes in TexasManor, TX, a city of 5,000, has recently started using QR codes to give visitors information about local points of interest. The small city attracts a fair amount of tourists because it’s where the movie, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” was filmed.

Dustin Haisler, the CIO of Manor, thought of the idea to use QR codes to streamline Manor’s infrastructure on a small budget. In fact, it only cost about $400 to implement the QR codes throughout the town, providing an affordable walking tour to anyone with a camera phone and the appropriate software.

One prime implementation of QR codes in Manor is at Jennie Lane Park, where a large QR code is prominently posted at the entrance. Once scanned, the QR code directs visitors to a mobile site that provides information about the park, the history of the park, and the wildlife that can be seen throughout. Jennie Lane Park also features a wireless network, which will eventually expand throughout the city.

In addition to these tourist-based implementations of QR codes, Manor is also using them to label city buildings, vehicles, and construction projects throughout the city.

Since Manor is one of the first US towns to implement QR codes to such a vast extent, they received the “Most Innovative Use of Technology” award in Texas in 2008 from the Center for Digital Government. Manor hopes to stop being seen as the small town outside of Austin, and start being seen as the cutting-edge technological town!