Manage Your Mobile Assets with Barcoding Online Services (BOS)

Barcoding Online Services, or BOS™, is a web-based application that allows enterprise businesses to easily manage their mobile assets. With BOS, tracking equipment, managing repairs, overseeing technology roll-outs, and generating mobile asset reports becomes easy via the intuitive map interface.

BOS also provides users with a realtime snapshot of all devices, providing information quickly and effortlessly. When users implement BOS, mobile device data will become readily available via a secure connection on the BOS website. Once logged in, the location and status of all mobile devices will become available. RMAs may also be requested through the interface and the status of the device is automatically updated. Those using BOS can even mark certain devices to be moved to other locations as well.

An application like BOS saves companies, time, money and effort, in addition to keeping track of mobile devices more efficiently than ever before.