Manage and Connect IoT Devices Securely with New Google Offering

Google has just announced its new Google Cloud IoT Core service. This fully managed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service will help you connect globally distributed devices to the GCP securely, manage them in a central location, and integrate them with Google’s data analytics services. Enjoy automatic management of data ingestion, availability, scalability and performance needs.

Cloud IoT Core will give you insights into operations that can help your business make improvements in real time, which is something that any industry can benefit from. For example, manufacturing firms can set up intelligent scheduling for the maintenance of their equipment to keep downtime to a minimum and increase production, while utilities can keep track of consumers’ energy usage in real time and predict future consumption. Logistics and transportation firms can use it to be more proactive in staging vehicles where they need to be precisely when they need to be there.

Solving Common Problems

Cloud IoT Core helps solve some of the problems that enterprises that depend on industrial devices like conveyor belts and sensors commonly encounter, such as patchwork security, data fragmentation and operational cost and complexity. This solution offers an improved ability to connect and manage devices as a single global system in a secure manner.

This system is easy to set up and manage, with devices registered to the service quickly using MQTT. Firmware can even be updated automatically for devices using Android. There is no infrastructure to deploy, manage or scale; it is all presented as a fully managed, pay-as-you-go GCP service. Best of all, with security out of the box, you can have peace of mind that your device data will be protected from day one using industry-standard security protocols.

This service is currently in private beta, and it is being launched with select partners including Mongoose OS, Sierra Wireless, Intel, Losant, Helium, and Tellmeplus.

This blog post was based off of an article from the Google Cloud Platform Blog. View the original here.

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