Making Workforce Mobility BYOD Approaches Successful

There are a lot of valid approaches when it comes to workforce mobility, but in many cases, a strong argument can be made for using BYOD as the default approach. Nearly everybody has a smartphone these days, which means that workers are already walking around with the right equipment to carry out many business-related tasks. As faster networks, Wi-Fi availability, and tablets become more and more commonplace, the need for a corporate-issued laptop is declining.

Although there are certainly some roadblocks that need to be smoothed out when going this route, integrating Samsung KNOX and AirWatch can go a long way toward making the endeavor successful. Samsung KNOX mobile devices use a trusted platform that companies can depend on.

Security and Flexibility

Meanwhile, the KNOX workspace container can serve as a private room within the device that is isolated from the rest of it and can be controlled by a business’s IT department. The user can switch in and out of this container simply, and its content is safeguarded with multi-factor authentication and encryption. Samsung KNOX has been awarded renowned security certifications such as those from the National Information Assurance Partnership, the Defense Information Systems Agency, Common Criteria, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

AirWatch works alongside Samsung KNOX to provide enterprise mobility management solutions and allow businesses to customize their BYOD approach. It allows for functions such as recording administrator actions and assigning access permissions depending on the person’s role and clearances.

In addition, AirWatch’s native security features supplement the security elements of Samsung KNOX, striking a good balance between flexibility and security risk. Its security features like encryption can even be extended to devices that don’t use Samsung KNOX.

Best of all, it offers end-user self-service features that allow people to enroll their devices, carry out functions, and ask for help quickly and easily.

This blog post was based off of an report from Frost & Sullivan. Read the full report here.

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