Making the Move to the Cloud: Android and Cloud Migration

Supply chain management is moving to the cloud. But, how is it going to get there?

In the past, there has been a heavy focus on managing inventory through the use of barcoding, RFID, and low-energy Bluetooth devices. While these supply chain solutions are significantly effective for many manufacturers and distributors, companies are beginning to optimize cloud migration processes through the use of Android mobile devices.

Companies are always looking for richer data to make more informed management decisions, and by using mobile Android devices connected to the cloud, personnel can find accurate, real-time data, anytime, anywhere, as well as input multi-media information, such as photos, voice-to-text, and sensors.

Watch our panel of experts including Martin Jack, chief technology officer, Barcoding, Inc.; Craig Miller, senior product marketing manager, ATP, Honeywell; and Chris Rossi, principal, Technology Advisory Services, SC&H Group, as they explore the benefits, challenges and results of navigating a migration to the cloud. During this video, they will discuss:

  • the benefit of using Android mobile devices,
  • what factors to consider when developing a transition strategy,
  • how to create consistency to leverage the cloud and devices,
  • the key players to look to for help,
  • how to meet the corporate demands on security while meeting industry expectations, and more…

Ready to make the transition? Here is quick list of 5 things to consider when building your roadmap to the cloud.