Make Your Objects Interactive with Mir:or and RFID

Mir:ror RFID Tagging SystemLately, there’s been a focus on using automated data capture for at-home use. While there are some at-home barcoding devices out there, there has been an even more recent focus on RFID technology at home. I recently wrote about Tikitag/Touchatag, and discovered a similar system called Mir:ror, by Violet.

Basically, each Mir:ror system comes equipped with “ztamps” or stamps that can be placed on an object. Once programmed, you can wave the object over the mir:ror and it can trigger an action on your computer. For example, if you have a paper file at work, you can simply place a RFID stamp on it, wave it across the mirror, and it will pull up all related materials on your computer.

There’s also a neat feature which allows you to e-mail an object. This could come in handy if you have tasks for another party to do. For example, if you wanted your spouse to get dinner started, you could place an RFID stamp on the item to be cooked, they would wave it over the mirror, and the e-mail you sent to the object with dinner instructions would be read aloud on your computer.

If you’re interested in learning more on Mir:ror, watch the video.

Since RFID isn’t quite a fully adopted technology by many businesses, I find it interesting that there’s already at-home RFID systems on the market. Would you use an at-home RFID system?