Make Friends with QR Codes: Facebook Features “Add to Friends” Gear

If you’re a fan of social networking sites such as Facebook and are interested in QR (2d) codes, then this application is perfect for you. You can now purchase “Add to Friends” gear from a Facebook application that will allow you to place your very own personalized QR code on a t-shirt or tote bag.

Then, simply wear the t-shirt or carry the tote around. Those with mobile phones capable of scanning 2D barcodes will be able to scan your item and your facebook profile will appear, depending on your privacy settings. If you aren’t already friends with this person, then they will be able to send you a message or add you to their friends.

Although some may be concerned about privacy issues, as long as your facebook privacy settings are to your liking, there’s no way a stranger can have full access to your profile.

If you’re interested in having your own personal QR code t-shirt or tote bag, you can purchase them through the Facebook “Add to Friends” application.

Also, if you’d like to have 2D reader software on your mobile phone, you can download it at

Disclaimer: The “Add to Friends” application was not developed by facebook and is provided as a courtesy. Facebook makes no representations regarding this application or any information related to them.