Maintaining “Healthy” Mobile Devices with Zebra: Modern & Mobile Mondays

Hello and welcome to another installment of our series, “Modern & Mobile Mondays!” Each week, we are sharing a new way to help your business stay connected and on-the-go. Today, we are featuring our partner Zebra, Technologies. Learn more about our partnerships with Zebra here. Keep reading to find out how to keep your devices healthy.

Mobile Device Troubles
In a recent survey, 50% of respondents shared that they experience mobile device failures on a monthly basis. Technology troubles can cause slow-downs, or even halt employee productivity. By taking the time to see how “healthy” your mobile devices are now, you can save time and headaches later, all while avoid annoying interruptions.

Proactive Mobile Device Management
How do you approach mobile device management (MDM)? Often, we think about it as a reactionary process, rather than a step to being proactive. There are lots of solutions out there that can help your business, like sensors, RFID, IoT, and analytics. With this added visibility, you can prevent problems before they happen, rather than the traditional break-fix model.

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