Maintain Your Privacy While Taking Advantage of RFID Technology

Orgon RFID Proof WalletWith recent posts such as Tracking Recycling with RFID and Getting an RFID Embedded License, I’ve received a lot of comments from people who are worried that “big brother is watching” and their identities are more at risk than ever. While RFID enthusiasts insist that information can not be stolen through personal RFID chips, others are still weary. If you want to make use of revolutionary RFID technology, but aren’t sure about the risks, then there’s a solution for you.

If you don’t already have an RFID embedded access card, ID, credit card, or passport, then it’s only a matter of time before these items contain RFID chips. While RFID chips in these types of personal items were implemented for convenience, some worry that it’s a recipe for identity theft. In order to protect your identity, and all of your RFID embedded cards, Orgon makes a wallet that is RFID reader proof. The sleek and compact Orgon wallet is made of brushed aluminum, blocking the reader from obtaining information off of the RFID chips inside. The Orgon wallet holds up to 15 cards, and of course, there’s plenty of room for cash.

Homemade RFID Proof Wallet
Speaking of cash, if you’re low on it but still want to protect yourself against possible identity theft, then you can make your own RFID protected wallet; all you’ll need is some aluminum foil and duct tape. Then, you can get creative and sculpt your fashionable privacy protector.