Machine Learning Gives IIoT a Boost

There is no doubt that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already making its mark on many businesses, but machine learning can bring its capabilities to the next level.

Now that the cloud is being widely used as an extended data center of sorts, some of the past problems with capturing data have been eliminated, like the high cost and power needed to process and analyze it. Now, industries such as automotive, healthcare, aviation and manufacturing can capture every data point that sensors generate using the data and computational abilities that big public cloud providers offer. This is a big reason that IIoT is being adopted by more and more enterprises.

The Role of Hot Path Analytics

Data points generated by sensors undergo quite a journey before they can become actionable insights. Hot path analytics is a data processing pipeline that can manage real-time data, sorting the data that needs immediate attention from the data that will only be useful as part of a bigger picture over time.

Hot path analytics is largely dependent on the rules engine used for detecting anomalies. These complex rules engines can evaluate complicated patterns dynamically as they come from the inbound streams of sensor data. Baseline thresholds and routing logic are defined by experts in terms of if-then conditions that are quickly evaluated against inbound points of data before moving on to the next stop in their journey through the data processing pipeline.

One of machine learning’s most crucial components is finding the patterns in existing datasets and using them to group similar points of data together before going on to use this information to predict future data points’ value. This is where advanced algorithms come into play. They learn from the existing data and can identify baseline thresholds even when they have not been explicitly defined for them, allowing historical data to be used to predict future values. The sky really is the limit with this type of technology, and more and more businesses are finding this out every day.

This blog post was based off of an article from Forbes. View the original here.

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