Love QR Codes? Hang them on your Wall!

While some may see QR codes as simply a barcode, and others may not even know what they are, there are people who consider QR codes as art. Barcode Gallery does not let form follow function and creates custom pieces that link up to 300 characters of text when scanned.

When creating custom art, consumers can write their own message, or choose from pre-made ones, which can also be edited. In addition to the text that will be displayed once scanned, users can also pick their color combinations.

The QR Code artwork is square and ranges from 18” to 40,” just make sure you have enough room to stand far enough back to scan the larger codes!

I love the idea of QR Codes as art and the customization that is allowed… maybe I’ll order one and have it link to Barcoding’s Facebook or Twitter pages!