Love QR Codes? Check out Love Codes!

We recently received word about Love Codes, “the jewel with your secret code,” which feature personalized QR codes on necklaces.

The company offers five different styles of pendants, featuring aluminum and wood in a couple of different colors. When ordering, customers are able to type a message of up to forty characters, which will be displayed once scanned with their QR code reader app, QucickMark. In order to generate ideas and create a more social environment, Love Codes anonymously posts all of the messages from orders on their website, under Last Phrases, unless specifically instructed not to for privacy reasons.

While the QR codes look like standard QR codes, I find it interesting that they require a specific barcode scanning app, but then again, I suppose the codes wouldn’t be a secret if anyone could decode them with any barcode scanning app. Would you wear a QR code around your neck (I would!), and if so, would you want your secret message posted on the web? Let us know what you think about Love Codes by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.