A Look at Next Year’s Big Supply Chain Trends

As hardware, software, and connectivity solutions become more accessible and affordable, supply chains are undergoing a dramatic transformation. Whether it’s electric trucks, the Internet of Things, robots, or blockchain, exciting innovations are changing the face of business as we know it. Here is a look at the trends that will dominate the supply chain in 2018.

Sharing Economy Coming to Logistics

One only needs to look to the examples of Airbnb and Uber to see how well-designed mobile apps can change the way people live their lives in very significant ways. Uber is setting up driver networks that can deliver packages to people with their personal vehicles, and next year, personal vans and trucks should be taking on even bigger loads. Off-the-shelf sensors and advanced mobile apps are poised to bring greater control and visibility.

Blockchain Is Here to Stay

Blockchain might not be ready for mass adoption in supply chains just yet, but several viable concepts should pop up in blockchain in the year to come as startups do their best to tap into its tremendous potential.

The Amazon Effect

Supply chains outside of retail will start to feel “the Amazon effect” as the internet retail giant continues to find faster and more efficient ways to deliver orders to consumers. Same-day delivery is now a reality, and industries like automotive, industrial manufacturing, high-tech and consumer goods are all trying to follow suit.

New Devices with Mobile Capabilities

Smart home appliances are only the beginning; everything from factory line machines to trucks will be transmitting performance and status data to central systems to help with supply chain monitoring. Even though dealing will all that data will continue to be a challenge, the benefits of having access to more real-time information will outweigh this.

No company can afford to wait around and see what trends will take hold next year. The time for action is now; investments in new concepts can help companies with solid supply chain practices in place remain competitive in 2018 and beyond.

This blog post was based off of an article from Supply Chain Digital. View the original here.

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