A Look at Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Platform

As enterprise network traffic continues to shift toward the public internet and away from private IP networks, the need for a platform that allows companies to deploy private cloud networks across wireless and wired broadband internet services is growing. One solution that can meet this demand is NetCloud from Cradlepoint.

NetCloud’s goal is simple: to securely connect places, people and things using LTE, 4G, Cloud Services and SD-WAN. It entails the integration of Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager service with the NetCloud Engine cloud networking solution. It allows for zero-touch deployment and enables users to remotely manage Multi-WAN branch routers and in-vehicle routers, along with IoT gateways.

This platform offers users a new way of building, controlling, managing and securing end-to-end private networks within the cloud, and its Early Availability release hit the market in October.

The NetCloud Engine is run on virtualization software and SDN, allowing users to bypass complicated and expensive traditional WANs and their associated hardware. Whether you’re dealing with remote workforces, vehicles, IoT devices, kiosks, digital signage, or pop-up stores, this platform covers all the bases.


NetCloud Engine can provide as much as 90 percent savings over MPLS and a 50 percent reduction in WAN staffing, and it can slash hardware costs by as much as three times. In addition, it takes less than five minutes to deploy a virtual network.

Everything that workers needed to access in the past was behind a firewall in a data center, but these days, everything is in the cloud, and it makes sense to go straight from the branch to a particular application in the cloud rather than backhauling branch traffic to a data center to gain access to cloud apps.

Cradlepoint has made a name for itself by providing wireless WANs that make use of 4G LTE, and now its cutting-edge NetCloud solution positions it as a key player in the industry moving forward.

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