Lonaberger Simplified Shipping Process with Intermec EasyCoder® 501XP

longabergerLongaberger has been providing handcrafted baskets to loyal consumers since 1973. Recently, they decided to diversify into several product lines such as furniture items. However, when it came to packaging the items, employees would have to insert a care card into the protective packaging and affix a label with the item number and barcode on the outside.

Inserting the care cards significantly slowed the process and creative a labor intensive task for employees to complete. Rather than manually placing all of the care cards into the package, Longaberger needed a label that was large enough to incorporate the care card in addition to the item number and barcode.

After much research, Longaberger decided to go with the Intermec EasyCoder® 501XP printer with Intermec Duratherm® Labels. With the new printers, Longaberger was able to produce a high-quality label with care and item tracking information on it, which eliminated the arduous and costly step of having employees manually insert the care cards. Also, since the 501XP can operate as a stand alone printer, they can be programmed with all of the product and care information, allowing them to run without a PC controlling it. Ultimately, this saves space on the manufacturing floor, in addition to saving money by not having a dedicated computer for every printer.

Aside from the problem-solving hardware, Intermec was also able to provide Longaberger with an adaptable software programming language called Fingerprint, allowing them to design custom labels and streamline their manufacturing process.

Now, Longaberger just needs one label to hold all of their information, making Longaberger purchases easier for workers and customers alike.