Logistics Technology’s Increasing Role In E-Commerce

Logistics technology in e-commerce is experiencing a surge in demand, thanks largely to the astronomical growth of e-commerce in general. As consumers become more and more accustomed to being able to shop online at all hours from wherever they happen to be and mobile devices become increasingly ubiquitous, companies are ramping up their omni-channel sales efforts to stay on top of the trend. In fact, by next year, e-commerce is expected to generate $370 billion in the United States alone, while the CAGR is projected to stay above 10 percent during the next five years.

In light of this, many firms are turning to logistics providers to keep costs down and improve customer service quality. Logistics providers are experts in revamping a business’s current models to make the entire operation more productive and profitable. Third-party logistics providers are also playing an important role. For example, some companies are noting profits by combining resources such as extra trucks through third-party logistics providers.

Better Order Fulfillment Control, Value-Added Services

Another benefit of logistics tech when it comes to e-commerce is that it affords greater control over order fulfillment. That’s because modern e-commerce needs order fulfillment solutions that can sync across multiple systems. These connected systems allow for automated order tracking and analysis of every system in real time, cutting out errors and needless delays during the fulfillment process. The results of implementing such systems include improved customer satisfaction and a more fluid inventory pipeline.

Logistics technologies also provide a number of value-added services, such as auditing services, that can give small businesses that otherwise wouldn’t have access to such tools the resources needed for continued growth. Investments in logistics technology can yield tremendous rewards in terms of enhanced shopping experiences for customers and higher profits for businesses.

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