Logistics Beacons Provide New Levels of Insight

Logistics is one of the biggest and most important industries in the world, generating $9.1 trillion in revenue each year. As more and more goods are moved across the globe by air, land and sea, it becomes increasingly vital to keep track of everything accurately. Some tracking technologies showed a lot of initial promise, like RFID, but this ultimately proved to be better suited to other purposes, like inventory management.

Logistics beacons, on the other hand, have emerged as tremendously useful methods of gaining new levels of insight on the movement of goods. While it’s already relatively easy to find where a product has been at various fixed points in time, it’s not so easy to find out what other products it was around or who it was handled by. In the cases where it is possible to glean such information, this often requires piecing together information from several sources. This is where logistics beacons come in handy.

Easy and Affordable

By making use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, these self-powered beacons can broadcast their presence to devices that are nearby, including computers, tablets, phones and dedicated sensors. They cost just a few dollars and are quick to install, and they do not require a data plan to work. Instead, a device that has the right application installed can approximate the distance that exists between the beacon and itself by detecting its signal.

When the device does hear the beacon, it will record when it is near it, and it can do the same when it moves away from the area. This means that logistics beacons can offer information about an object’s arrival and departure without needing GPS.

When warehouses, trucks, trains, and distribution centers are tagged with logistics beacons and a Bluetooth-enabled sensor is placed in the shipment, it is easy to keep track of everything the shipment interacted with as it passed through the supply chain, thereby allowing you to identify any problems that are hurting efficiency so they can be rectified swiftly.

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This blog post was based off of an article from Cerasis. View the original here.

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