Location Technology Used to Increase Visibility of Students

West Chesire College used Zebra Technologies to help manage student attendance and building resources.

West Cheshire College, located in northwest England, recently implemented a real time location tracking solution, allowing them to track 20,000 students across its two campuses.

By using Zebra’s location solutions technology, West Cheshire was able to track, analyze and manage student movements around campus buildings. Upon registration, students are given an ID card equipped with a location enabled tag and two barcodes.

With real time reporting, college management is able to see which students are in class at any time, allowing for the college to act on student movement patterns within the building to optimize staff and resourcing capacity across the campus. West Cheshire College now has 95% first-time accurate locating of personnel to within three meters across both campus facilities, providing a wide range of useable management information.

Ultimately, West Cheshire College hopes to connect attendance to other systems, such as heating, cooling and lighting in order to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

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