Linentracker Automates Management of Hotel Towels and Sheets Using RFID

linen trackerHotels throughout the world have begun to use RFID technology for a variety of different functions such as uniform tracking and keyless entry. Now, there’s also a company called Linentracker that offers RFID systems to take inventory of towels and sheets, allowing hotels to be more efficient with their laundering processes.

Linentracker uses EPC Gen 2 inlays and is based on passive, ultrahigh-frequency (UHF tags and readers that comply with the EPC Gen 2 standards With the Linentracker system, the hotel can access real-time inventory levels of its linens throughout the hotel, all while optimizing linen laundering processes.

The system works by mounting RFID readers to the inside of hotel linen closets, which are located of every floor, in addition to various places throughout the laundry room. RFID tags are attached to each and every piece of linen, ranging from towels, to sheets to pillowcases. The RFID tags, which are sewn into the seam of each linen, are sealed within a flexible, waterproof material specifically engineered to protect the tag from extreme temperatures and shock.

Since many hotels still perform manual inventory counts of their linens, the Linentracker would ultimately save hotel staff a lot of time, which in turn, would save the hotels money. With Linentracker, each linen closet’s inventory can be tracked remotely in real-time. In addition, the Linentracker can create instructions to tell workers how much of the dirty laundry they will need to clean in order to meet the demands for the following day, which ultimately reduces energy and water usage. In addition to creating a more efficient workflow, the Linentracker is able to prevent thefts of both staff and guests.

While Linentracker is still in a pilot program, I imagine it will become a high demand for hotels around the world. Linentracker is another example of RFID technology being put to good use, ultimately enabling the spread and usage of RFID.