Like Things Wherever You Go… with RFID!

Tradeshow marketing can be tricky—attendees are often busy and have a certain agenda to fulfill, but in recent years, marketers have been looking for new and creative ways to collect data from attendees. At this year’s RFID Journal LIVE!, there were RFID-enabled kiosks that allowed for real-time Facebook “Likes and “Checkins.” There was even an RFID-enabled photo booth that allowed show attendees to scan their badges, get their photos taken and have them automatically post to their Facebook page and the RFID Journal’s page! Rather than having to search for a smartphone each time, the kiosks provide a convenient way for attendees to participate and update/check-in.

The use of the RFID-enabled kiosks linking to Facebook was strategically done in order to show attendees how RFID can enhance user participation at events, while still providing valuable data, in real-time. The fact that everything is done in real-time allows for marketers to connect with the customers while they are still at the show, creating the potential for more face time.

In collaboration with the RFID Journal, Zebra Technologies and their partners worked to make the RFID kiosks a possibility. Learn more about Zebra here.