Like QR Codes? Hate Ticket Fees? Get Wikkit!

Wikkit, a relatively new US-based ticket sales company, based their entire business model off of QR codes. Founder Adam Hunt created Wikkit out of hatred for traditional ticketing agencies and their high “convenience” fees. By using QR codes, Wikkit is able to save a lot of money on ticketing costs.

In addition to QR codes, Wikkit will be integrating social media through their idea of social ticketing for items such as VIP ticketing and drink vouchers. Currently, they have an iPhone app and are in the process of Android development.

If QR codes, social networking,apps and VIP admission weren’t trendy enough for you, there’s even a Wikkit song entitled, “Can I Wikkit” (yes you can!)

I think start-ups that heavily rely on QR codes will become more prevalent as the codes increase in popularity throughout the States, don’t you? If you have other thoughts or ideas on QR code based companies, let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.