Learn about RFID Today!

If you’ve heard about RFID technology and wondered how it could help your company, then today’s the day to find out. The RFID Journal will be hosting a webinar today from 2-3pm EDT, specifically discussing item-level source tagging.

As more and more retails continue to require item-level tagging on things such as apparel, suppliers face rapid implementation of strategic source tagging.

The webinar will offer solutions and advice from an experienced team that has worked with many different verticals in source-tagging and the delivery of item-level solutions for suppliers in retail. In addition, there will be:

    Tips on implementing item-level source tagging
  • Creating a lower total cost of ownership through source tagging
  • Options for slot source tagging into existing workflow processes<’/li>
  • Driving internal value from item-level tagging.
  • Q&A Session

For more information, and to register for the RFID event, learn more here.