Law Firm Seeks Help for Tracking Files

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Question of the Week:

Our law firm is experiencing a lot of delay on setting hearings due to missing files. We have about 5k file folders and over 40 employees who touch all the files during a certain period of time. We need to barcode those files together with each office to enable to locate those files.  What do you recommend?


There are several different options to help solve your problem of locating files.  One is a Check In/Check Out system where users will log-in and then scan out any files they are taking. This will let you know what files are with what lawyer. Another, more comprehensive system would involve RFID Technology that would allow you to see the location of files throughout your office that are in the filing system, this would help to find misplaced files as long as they are in the filing cabinet/shelf.  For more information on either of these systems, please contact me at