Lakewood Ranch Becomes First Barcode City in U.S.

Lakewood Ranch, a small city just outside of Sarasota, Fl., has teamed up with Microsoft in order to be “tagged,” making them the first “barcode city” in America.

Businesses throughout the town are displaying the tags in their storefronts in order to provide consumers with additional information about their establishment, coupons and more. In addition, homebuilders are using the Microsoft Tags in order to provide information about the models. Imagine being able to go to a community off-hours, or avoid the hassle of speaking with a pushy salesperson. Simply scan the tag outside the model home and receive all the information you need. It’s that simple.

Businesses in the community have received positive results, noticing an increase in traffic to their establishments. In fact, businesses are able to see how many tags were scanned each day, so they’ll know the effectiveness of each of their campaigns. Unlike traditional advertising, Microsoft Tag is free to both businesses and consumers, and is able to provide far more information to both parties.

Lakewood Ranch is an ideal community to be the first “barcode city,” as there is a great demographic and blend of ages. Since its implementation, other cities throughout the U.S. are interested in being “tagged” as well.

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Check out the video below to learn more: