Kovio Inc. Silicon Ink-Based RFID Tag

During EPC Connection 2008, Kovio Inc., announced the development of the world’s first silicon ink-based RFID tag.  The patented technology consists of tags with printed silicon HF integrated circuits that provide printed read-only memory and 106kbps data rate.  Pictured at left is metal nanocrystal powder and ink that is used to create these tags.  The use of silicon inks and graphics printing technology allows these tags to be produced at a fraction of the cost of other silicon technologies.  This new development dramatically reduces the cost per tag and is expected to facilitate the adoption of item-level RFID tagging.

“Printed electronics is no longer a vision — it is here,” stated Kovio CEO Amir Mashkoori, “The platform will enable new opportunities for advertisers, retailers, consumer packaged good manufacturers, and system integrators to provide instantaneous and contextual experiences to everyone who interacts, uses and purchases everyday consumer goods.”  Now that item-level RFID technology is becoming more affordable it will be interesting to see what retailers begin adoption first.  Kovio plans to initially use the HF PIC-based tags for item-level promotions and advertising, authentication, asset management and ticketing.