Kiwi Chooses Intermec PM4i

intermec pm4i for kiwiAs you can imagine, kiwi is a popular fruit for New Zealand to export. However, with growth in the volume of trade and rising food safety guidelines, the kiwi supply chain needed some upgrades in order to ensure that New Zealand is a consistent provider of quality kiwi.

In order to create unique identifiers on each kiwi carton label, traceability of fruit from the orchard to customer was important. However, the success of this solution was dependant upon the speed at which an individual label could be requested and printed.

After searching for a solution, the Intermec PM4i thermal printer was selected due to its intelligent capabilities such as Fingerprint programming language, built-in LCD and keypad. Paired with custom software, labels could be printed quickly, on demand, in addition to mostly eliminating operator error. In addition to these qualities, the Intermec PM4i also offers:

  • Integrated serial,USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Elimination of host PC
  • Peripheral device control
  • Remote access

Even during the height of kiwi season, the Intermec PM4i and custom software were able to keep up. With their new and improved kiwi supply chain, New Zealand suppliers were able to better cater to European labeling requirements, in additiong to refining their internal practices. If you’re interested in learning more about the Intermec PM4i, you can to so here.