Kidrobot Uses QR Codes to Promote New Dunny Toys

dunny qr codeIn order to promote their line of designer toys, Kidrobot has adopted QR codes as a way to engage consumers in their product. Kidrobot is holding a five-day scavenger hunt in New York City called Dunny Hunt in order to promote their 2009 Dunny toys. Dunny Hunt participants will use their smartphones to scan QR codes on Kidrobot promotional items hidden around town.

Since New York City isn’t exactly a small place, Kidrobot is providing QR clues in their newsletters and their Twitter account, providing suscribers daily hints that can lead them to the Kidrobot promotional display. Participants also receive a free smarphone application for scanning the QR codes. When fans find the QR codes and scan them, they receive a virtual Dunny toy to add to their digital collection, in addition to becoming eligible for real-world prizes such as rewards for the first person to scan the QR code and a full set of the 2009 Series Dunny toys.

This type of digital scavenger hunt is definitely an innovative way to not only engage consumers in your products, but also allow American consumers to adopt QR codes into their lifestyles. QR codes are ideal for this type of application because they can be placed anywhere—stickers, t-shirts, billboards and virtually any promotional item. Hopefully more American companies will use QR code campaigns successfully, just as Kidrobot has done.