KidGopher: RFID for School Children

KidGopher is an RFID-based solution that links parents to their children at the end of the school day in order to ensure that students are picked up by the appropriate party. The system was first tested at North Springs Elementary in Columbia, S.C., and based on the trial’s success, the school district is now installing KidGopher across all 17 of its elementary schools.

Parents register for KidGopher by having their pictures taken at the school office, providing their names, children’s names, and any other child’s name whom they are authorized to take home. Then, parents are issued a “Gopher card” with a unique ID number that is read using an RFID reader connected to a computer in the office and then linked to the KidGopher database.

When a parent arrives to pick a child up from school, they simply present his/her card to a school staff member and indicates which child/children they are picking up. This is verified by staff’s mobile computer with RFID reader, which reads the unique ID number on the parent’s Gopher card. The data is then transmitted via Wi-Fi to the KidGopher software, which runs on the school’s server, and cross checks who has arrived . In addition, staff will see the individual’s name and picture and a list of children they are permitted to take home, all on their mobile computer, all in real-time.

From there, the KidGopher software displays the names of the children to be picked up on a monitor in the school cafeteria where the children wait prior to being released. Once the child’s name appears, a teacher or other staff will escort the child to the pickup point where their ride is waiting. At the pickup point, another staff member uses an iPad to connect with the KidGopher software, which confirms the student’s identity before they enter the car.

In addition to making end of day pickups run smoothly, KidGopher prevents child abduction, making it a great tool for both parents and school staff alike.

Do you think KidGopher is a good way to get kids home safely, or does it sound like too long of a process to run quickly. Let us know what you think about KidGopher by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.