Keys to Success: CaptureTech’s Key Management Solution Benefits the State of Maine

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About CaptureTech

CaptureTech is a traceability solutions company with expertise in key and asset management. They develop products including key management and electronic locker systems that help businesses of all kinds find greater efficiency, safety, and reliability. You can learn more about CaptureTech services.

The State of the State of Maine Property Management Division

The State of Maine Property Management Division (PMD) coordinates security for State of Maine facilities. They serve an important role: to create a safe, productive, and accessible environment for both state employees and visitors. One of their responsibilities is managing the lock shop for the state building keys. Prior to this partnership, they lacked a key management solution. Lost or missing keys posed logistical challenges and needed to be replaced with taxpayer funds.

In order to save both time and money, our collaborative efforts resulted in a solution that suited their unique situation. Two big goals were traceability, to allow for better accountability among staff and contractors, and proximity badge compatibility, for improved security and convenience of access.

Unlocking A Solution

KeyConductor electronic key cabinets were ideal for the PMD situation. We ultimately put ten cabinets into use, each holding between 12 and 60 keys. Since these electronic key cabinets unlock only the individual keys that match the specific user’s designated role, they provide additional levels of convenience and security for the state. CaptureTech went the extra mile to customize the cabinets so that, instead of the traditional pin code unlock mechanism, employees can use their already-distributed State of Maine security proximity badges. The HID smart card platform allows for even further security. The second tool we implemented is the KeyCop intelligent key rings. Though the power of RFID and barcode technology, users can track and trace keys via these key rings.

In order to manage these devices, the CaptureTech WebManager software enables the PMD to organize their data in one convenient, central database. The software tracks the checking in and out of each key, including the user associated with it and the time of return, so that all keys can be accounted for.

Keys to Success

The CaptureTech solutions successfully helped the State of Maine PMD improve not only enhance their security, but also their convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. Here’s what Gary Tibbetts, State of Maine, Bureau of General Services / Property Management Division had to say:

“Working with CaptureTech has lightened the workload for our Building Control Specialists who previously had to manually check in and check out keys for employees. Our employees and contractors appreciate the convenience of the KeyConductor systems and the assurance that the keys are being properly tracked to ensure accountability.”

Let’s Work Together

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