KeyConductor Takes the Hassle Out of Municipal Bike Bookings

Municipal bike bookings were creating a lot of headaches for the Service Desk at the town hall in Gouda, Netherlands. Workers often had to put in overtime hours when people failed to return bikes by the 5:00pm deadline, costing the town a lot of money and leading to staff unhappiness. Returning the keys up to the sixth floor was also inconvenient for those borrowing the bikes.

Service Desk Coordinator Cornelis Bruinsma put a lot of effort into coming up with a viable alternative that would keep both users and staff happy without spending a lot of money. At the 2014 Facilities Trade Fair, he spent some time with the various firms offering key management solutions. He said he was immediately impressed with CaptureTech and its KeyConductor solution. Nevertheless, he outlined his requirements and had several companies submit proposals.

After mulling over the various options, they decided to go with KeyConductor, and it’s a decision that they have not regretted. According to Bruinsma, CaptureTech was highly cooperative and easy to work with, and coming up with a way to link KeyConductor with the TopDesk software they were using was not an obstacle for the company. He also commented on the great support they offered.

Saving Time and Money

Now, staff book the 12 bikes they have available using TopDesk. Fifteen minutes ahead of their scheduled time, users get an email telling them to collect their bike, and they have up until 15 minutes after the booked time to retrieve it. Their smartcard will only be able to access the KeyConductor during this window to get the bike key.

When the return time is approaching, another email is sent to remind the user to bring the bike back. After an initial period in which employees got acquainted with how the system worked, the KeyConductor was placed next to the bike sheds, eliminating the need to go to sixth floor to return or collect keys and saving a lot of time. It also enables the Service Desk workers to leave when their shift is over rather than wait for stragglers to return their keys. Therefore, the system is recouping its costs quickly and proving to be a strong offering.

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