KeyConductor Making Life Easier at Popular Amsterdam Hotel

The Movenpick Amsterdam City Centre Hotel is popular not only for its beautiful riverside location but also its convenient proximity to the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. Attracting business travelers and tourists alike, the 408-room hotel has lots of keys in use at any given moment. Some are managed using an electronic locking system, and the hotel also issues conventional keys.

The hotel has a security department that is tasked with managing the keys, but when security gets caught up dealing with an incident during the morning, which is a busy time for key issuing and collecting, it can hold everyone up. On top of that, their paper system for key control was quite vulnerable to mistakes, so they decided to seek a new solution.

The hotel’s regional chief engineer, R. Vis, said that they were drawn to CaptureTech’s Key Conductor because of its superior flexibility. They liked knowing that CaptureTech was responsible for making both the hardware and the software used, and the fact that it speeds up the process of issuing and returning keys dramatically was just the icing on the cake.

After installing a KeyConductor with 96 positions, they put all the pieces in place to get ready for implementation. Each employee and contractor was given a KeyCop containing the keys that they are authorized to have, and they were also given a “tag” that opens the electronic locks on automated doors.

Improved Efficiency

Any reservations employees had about the system were quickly put to rest once they saw how well it works. Not only is it efficient, but it also increases accountability and ensures keys do not leave the premises. They also have master and emergency keys on hand that can provide access to every part of the hotel.

According to Vis, switching to the KeyConductor System has changed his employees’ mentality by making everything easier to manage and more straightforward. Best of all, it saves the hotel time and money.

This blog post was based off of an article from CaptureTech. View the original here.

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