KeyConductor Comes to the Rescue of Amsterdam Airport Retailers

Approximately 55 million passengers make their way through Amsterdam Airport each year, and the airport aims to make people’s time there as enjoyable as possible. One big part of creating a great passenger experience is providing top-notch shopping facilities. However, airports also have significant security rules and concerns to contend with, which can make providing access to the shops a challenge.

The shops on the airside are part of the Airport Retailers Association (ARA), an organization that is tasked with security, facility management, and other retail aspects. According to the group’s managing director, Alex van den Hoek, more than 1,700 users need a safe way to access more than 100 sets of keys in the shops and their warehouses.

In the past, special key fobs were used that had to make physical contact with the system for identification. However, these were prone to dirt, preventing approved users from getting much-needed keys. In addition, their outdated software had trouble keeping up with the needs of the users.

Enter CaptureTech

They enlisted the help of CaptureTech to come up with a tailored solution that would meet their needs. It consists of a pair of KeyConductor systems that use UHF RFID in conjunction with an integrated touchscreen. The system is based on UHF RFID KeyCop, which is not affected by dirt, moisture, or dust. Data is transferred incredibly rapidly using the wireless UHF RFID, and the user-friendly central management application makes monthly reporting to retailers a snap.

The switchover took place after exhaustive planning. The master data from the software was entered ahead of time, and the old cabinets were replaced with the new KeyConductors. So far, it has been well-received by those who use it, with the system garnering praise for its safety and reliability. Now, issuing and collecting keys is a smooth and error-free process, which means the airport’s stores can be up and running right on time.

This blog post was based off of an article from CaptureTech. View the original here.

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