KeyConductor Brings New Levels of Safety and Efficiency to Daelzicht

Caring for 2,000 children and adults who have mental disabilities is a big task, so anything that can make the job easier for Daelzicht as it manages its 80 locations throughout the southern Netherlands can make a big difference.

Daelzicht’s headquarters are in Heel, where they also have a big residential center offering facilities for activities during the day. A recent reorganization saw the firm selling off buildings and leasing them back from the new owners and cutting costs wherever possible. Their strong emphasis on providing efficient and excellent care drove them to seek a solution for their keys.

When contractors had to come in for jobs, they’d report to a porter, pick up a key from the reception building and sign off. This error-prone procedure, combined with a frequent tendency for people to forget to hand the keys back in, created a nightmare for the company.

When their real estate firm suggested KeyConductor, they decided to give CaptureTech a try at their Heel location and another site in Koningslust. Every contractor, cleaner and installer at these two sites was given a personal authentication code as well as a pin code to open the required keychain inside the key cabinet.

Saving Time and Money

This automated distribution has saved them a significant amount of time and trouble, making those who borrow the keys responsible for them and creating an easy way to track down keys that go missing.

They’ve also gained value from KeyConductor’s reporting functionality. It has proven particularly useful when they rent out their gym and swimming pool in the evenings as the time stamps on issuing and returning keys makes it easy to charge for the facilities by the hour with the help of the monthly report provided.

Daelzicht is pleased with the new system, applauding not only the level of control it provides but also the safety and security it gives them.

This blog post was based off of an article from CaptureTech. View the original here.

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