Key Management—More Flexible and Efficient with RFID

They are many different physical ‘key management’ solutions on the market that utilize RFID technology. Sure, these solutions can enhance security and provide organizations with greater accountability for their keys, but when it comes to flexibility, there is little room for these solutions to grow and adapt to meet the users’ needs.

In order to bridge this gap—and uphold our goal of making our clients more efficient, accurate, and connected—we are offering key management solutions unlike anything else available today. Through our long-time partner, CaptureTech, we’ve created an open-architecture Key Management Solution. This solution’s KeyCops (the part that physically holds the keys) comprise Gen2 compliant RFID seals so they are compatible with any RFID reader. This is significant because the solution does not require a physical connection to the seal or even an electronic cabinet like your typical RFID-enabled key management systems.

Just think about the possibilities—without the need for a physical connection or even a cabinet, you can track keys in and out of buildings with an RFID portal, so accountability is now extended beyond the four walls. And, even if you don’t have a cabinet and decide to incorporate one into your solution later on down the road, you can certainly do so—with the accompanying free, open-source software, the sky is the limit. We are truly putting the power into the hands of the user!

Because the Key Management Solution is so dynamic and scalable, we’re not stopping here. We are continuously working closely with CaptureTech to introduce even more new options, features and add-ons. As our customers’ needs expand, so will our solutions. Stay tuned to find out what Barcoding and CaptureTech are bringing next.

You can learn more about the CaptureTech Key Management Solution, as well as our other specialty RFID products, at