Keeping Track of What Matters With IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking

Small items can hold immeasurable sentimental value, so in life’s most stressful moments, the last thing you should be worried about is you or your loved one’s belongings during a hospital visit. Our partner, IntelliTrack, created a simple, effective and user-friendly system to ease this burden.

IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking (IntelliTrack PBT) is a solution that leverages the power of your existing mobile devices to facilitate and simplify the patient item tracking process. With one scan, the system will keep track of all interactions with a belongings tag and log data automatically. It also can document photos, additional notes and other important information, all in one convenient, accessible place.

How IntelliTrack PBT Works
Installation and implementation is a breeze––simply install the app onto an existing mobile device. IntelliTrack PBT is scalable and adaptable to your unique environment and it can integrate with existing platforms and run on iOS and Android.

Once installed, the user can scan the patient’s wristband and then property tags, simplifying the data collection process. Users can also capture photos of property to document the condition of each item and ensure the items were correctly logged. Then, the app will automatically track all data associated with the tag, including users, times and locations along each step of the way from collection, to storage, to successful return. Patients will receive a confirmation when their items have been returned.

Support Frontline Workers and Build Patient Trust
“Healthcare workers are constantly being asked to do more with less. Patient Belongings Tracking automates the property collection process to improve the patient experience, help frontline workers be more efficient, and reduce lost property claims,” said Shane Snyder, President of Barcoding, Inc.

Essential healthcare workers have so much on their plate, so IntelliTrack PBT makes their job easier by utilizing devices that are already in use to streamline all components of the belongings tracking process. This gives them more time to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities, without being bogged down by tedious data entry.

By keeping patients’ valuables secure, IntelliTrack PBT can also improve the patient experience, reducing stress for both frontline workers and patients and limiting the number of property claims levied. This helps build trust and show patients you care about their experience, down to the details.

Find out more about IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking here.

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